Virtual Receptionists interpret the needs of the customers and make sure the things that matter most get the attention they deserve. As an extension of our client’s business, we are often someone’s first impression.

We're looking for someone who loves helping people tackle unique problems to join our small, but growing team; someone who is delighted to talk with people over the phone fluently in both English & Spanish. Does that sound like you?

This position works directly with one of Apollo's call center partners.


  • Monthly Salary $20,000 MXN
    • Base $14,000 MXN
    • Performance-Based Bonus $4,000 MX

The exact compensation will vary based on the exchange rate between USD and MXN. Work will be paid per hour based at $5 USD per hour, and the bonus, when earned, will be paid up to $250 USD per month. An additional reimbursement of $10 USD per pay period will be applied to cover your conversion Fee. You will be paid every other Thursday. We are also offering a temporary $0.50 increase due to the change in the USD to MXN exchange rate.

Where we work

With no commute required, your office is only steps away when you work from home. 100% remote work. We work from home anywhere, in the U.S & Mexico. You only need reliable, wired internet and a dedicated, quiet workspace.

Common workplaces can include a home office, guest room, or bedroom. Do you have an area of your home that is free from other people and distractions you could dedicate to work?

How we work

We move at a fast pace. You will have little downtime during your shifts. This is not a position where you can multitask while performing other professional or personal tasks.

We work about 36 hours per week on average. We believe in a work-life balance.

When we work

Being a 24/7 business, we need receptionists around the clock. Right now we are looking for people who is available to work ALL hours between 10:00am - 11pm CST, Monday through Sunday, including weekends and holidays.

Don't worry; you won't work 12+ hours every single day. Instead, we work a 8-hour shift sometime in the availability window. Each shift also comes with a full 1-hour unpaid break. Normally, we take at least two days off each week, but sometimes only 1 full day.

What you'll do as a Virtual Receptionist:

  • Answer a high volume of incoming calls using your personal windows computer.

  • Demonstrate an enthusiastic and upbeat attitude, while helping the person on the other end of the phone.

  • Capture details from each call, including names, phone numbers, addresses, reference numbers, and thorough descriptions of the reason for the call.

  • Respond swiftly to frequently asked questions from callers, and navigate through key information and instructions provided by the client.

  • Transfer and route calls to clients on their extensions, or to their team directly in the field.

  • Rapidly dispatch requests to clients so that they can support their customers effectively.

  • Represent 300+ different small businesses located throughout the united states.

Equipment & Workspace Requirements

  • A dedicated and private workspace free from noise and distractions.

  • Wired high-speed internet connection (DSL is accepted) (5 Mbps Download) (1 Mbps Upload) (>40ms ping)

  • Computer Quad-core processor, 6 GB of Ram (Windows 10 or higher)

  • Two 19+ Inch Monitors (If you're using a laptop, a screen of at least 12 inches)

  • HD Web Cam

  • Wired Keyboard with Function Keys, and 10-Key Pad

  • Wired Mouse

  • Wired USB Headset

    We'd love to hear from you if you:

    • Enjoy making other people happy, and can convey a phenomenal sense of compassion and confidence over the phone.

    • Are fluent reading, writing, and speaking in BOTH English & Spanish

    • Can switch gears swiftly, and maintain confidence even in stressful and tricky situations. Example: One call you might represent a doctor while on another you could represent a plumber.

    • Are a reliable self-starter who enjoys learning new things, and is able to push through when things get hard.

    • Have the ability to navigate your personal computer with ease, managing multiple windows effortlessly.

    • Understand feedback is a learning opportunity, designed to help you improve if you embrace the process.

    Please make sure you meet all of the requirements in terms of computer, internet, and workspace before applying for this position

    Looking forward to working with you.